Alone in the Abyss

There's indeed an abyss within us all

Vast ocean of undulating darkness

Fast, hold to your thoughts, feelings through the squall 

Storm, ominous, doom-woven clouds: sadness


A lone stone spire among ebony waves

The base slowly eroding from cold bites

Take shelter within the only dry caves

Storm and sea never hold back during fights


Downpour of spite, tidal wave of hatred

The spire collapses, the shelter is gone

Washed away into the sea, drowned, sacred

Peace, finally. Returning to beyond


Afterlife, that of the sky, sea, and stone

As we begin, so we will end. Alone.

© 2020 Rahaman Writing

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"One such Spark, but a mere fraction of Order, became the source for all we know upon Okeanós. While spinning and soaring through the many violent tendrils of Chaos, this particular Spark willed for it to stop; for the madness and rushing of void mixed with explosions of light to cease. So it forced the chaotic clouds around itself to shift into a pattern. It gave reason and rhythm to the matter and energy, previously untamed, until the void and light coarsed together, in harmony, at the weaving will of this Spark. Near the bottom of the page sharing this information, it is mentioned that there was a ‘God’ who had succumbed to a Chaos-stricken madness following the learning of these details. How they transferred the information, and what became of them, is not mentioned until the reference section, which I shall get to a bit later, as they warrant explanation as well..."