The competition has ended for this year, but I am leaving all of this information up in case people are curious.

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year!

As a mostly dark fantasy and horror writer, this celebration of all things otherworldly and haunting is highly influential to some of my work.

I want all other writers who have similar feelings to let the world know it!

Which is why I'm starting this competition.

Contest Rules:

  1. Your entry must be 100 words or less

  2. Your entry must be either a poem, very short story, or excerpt

  3. Only 1 entry per person

  4. The genre must be horror or contain horror elements

  5. Your entry must be original (YOUR own work)

  6. Your entry must be NEW (never previously published anywhere)

  7. The deadline for entry submissions is October 25th, 2020

About Reyadh Rahaman,

the Judge:

This year, I am the sole adjudicator for this competition. Maybe, depending on the success of this event, next year I will invite others to join me in judging future competitions.

I like a wide variety of chilling stories, ranging from psychedelic cosmic horror to visceral supernatural attacks. Maybe check out my first published horror story on The Angry Noodle for a better idea of what kind of dark tales I'm all about.

Some of my favourite horror writers are H.P. Lovecraft, M.R. James, and Richard Matheson.

Judging Criteria:

All entries will be judged by myself. In order to make things as fair as possible, I will be judging all entries based on 3 equally important factors:

  1. Structure: formatting, spelling, grammar, & other technical aspects

  2. Style: how successful the piece is in conveying its theme interestingly

  3. Scariness: the horrific overall impact of the combined aspects

Each factor is weighted at 3 points each. Entries will be given more points for how good they are in regards to each factor. The highest potential score being 9/9 (3/3 + 3/3 + 3/3).


The winner will be featured in the Halloween issue of not only my newsletter, but that of Coffee, Book, & Candle as well!

They will also be GUARANTEED a spot at Evil Expo 2021! Where villainous content creators gather for sinister and fun times.

The winner will be announced on October 30th, 2020 in my newsletter, on my website, and on Twitter!

© 2020 Rahaman Writing

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