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The Angry Noodle is a leftist writing blog for all things writing, pop culture, politics, and more.

On this site, you'll find lots of fun lists, political satire, science fiction and fantasy stories, different styles of poetry, and some rants.

The very first, and currently only, place outside of Rahaman Writing where you'll find my work (Excluding my self-published books). The Queen of the Noodles is someone I have collaborated with before. She is one of the best damn proofreaders that I know.

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Sean C. R. Hill is a writer of horror and fantasy fiction from Dublin, Ireland. Fascinated by the weird and wonderful from a young age, his greatest loves are the weird fiction, pulp horror, and ghost stories of yesteryear. He is also an avid lover of fantasy RPGs and has spent many hours grinding away in dank dungeons for negligible stat boosts.

This wonderful, wizardly fellow is someone I greatly enjoy speaking with. He is someone that I can talk to about the most abstract, obscure, and bizarre concepts. We've had, are having, and will have many conversations about H.P. Lovecraft, video games, film, art, literature, music, and likely a great deal more! Sean is also the only person who I can turn to for advice about writing nearly unwritable concepts. He's definitely someone whose words you should consider if you enjoy the same things.

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Coffee, Book, & Candle is a book blog hosted by two literature nerds, Jordan and Kori, who love to read, write, and rant about all things bookish. Here, the wayward adventurer will find book reviews, writing tips, and the ravings of the mad.

Jordan is a part-time librarian and full-time reader who loves literature so much, she got a degree in it. She's well versed in the ways of in the dark arts of writing, slaying monsters, and communicating with supernatural forces.

Kori is a self-made business person who grew up in small-town Alabama. She spends a lot of time reading in her garden, contemplating a great deal of things, gaming, and adventuring in the wilderness to hone her magickal powers.


The Real Disaster

Des M. Astor twists things in a unique way and brings a new flavour to the mythical creatures you know and love. The series Des is most proud of would have to be the “Kingdoms of Blood” series, where she built an entire Urban Fantasy world and characters around her concepts. Her favorite mythical creature is the vampire, followed by the dragon.

Des graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in May of 2019. She has a deep love for reptiles and seeks to become a herpetologist. Often, she will blend in her knowledge of science to enhance her writing, which brings about sci-fi elements. Her stories tend to lean on the violent and action-heavy side, but they also include romances that build during these conflicts.