My 1st Interview!

With fellow Canadian author Joshua Gillingham


"As a Canadian, snow and ice are part of my very soul. The cold does not only flow around me, but within as well."


"I think I’m kind of a freak in this regard. These days, I always finish every writing project that I start, but that was not always the case."


"The most likely bane for my existence would be Yog-Sothoth. I feel like my current quest for knowledge would eventually, and undoubtedly, lead me to this Outer God."



Sound interesting?

Check out the full interview on Josh's website!

My 2nd Interview

With the villainous Doctor Discord


"...An island where people inscribe stories upon their weapons and fight with them..."


"[Captain Ahab] represents a spirit of vengeance, an unrelenting anger... a theme that has been important in my writing since reading Moby Dick all those years ago."


"These island... are the bodies of tremendously huge, ancient titans."



Want to know more?

Listen to the the full interview on the Doctor's Podcast!