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Critical Thinking

Here you'll find all the contents that were in issue #10 of the Rahaman Reader

Happy Friday, everyone!


I hope you all had a great week. Mine was quite satisfying. I was able to perform feats that I didn't think were possible of myself. A few days ago, I spent from midnight until 4am editing the entirely of Inner Expanses (372 pages; 139K words). Everything was fine except for the typos. There embarrassing amount. But I hunted them all down and murdered them in cold blood, as a demonic entity would.


Though, in the early hours of the morning, it got me thinking. If I had just taken a bit more time to edit it properly on the first 2 passes, I wouldn't have felt the need to do a 3rd in a mad frenzy. This experience has made me resolved to be more patient. And to think more critically about my actions.

I'm happy to I know that I can write and edit like a machine, when I really want to.

It's a good sign! But, a few careful thoughts are often worth more than many careless ones. I have always been enthusiastic about exploring ideas and concepts in a manner of ways. One of these is in the form of essays. I haven't read too many recently, but in college and high school I really enjoyed works by Jonathan Swift and other writers/philosophers.


A dear friend of mine and I were chatting a little while ago about various things like nature, writing, and memes. At some point in this conversation, though, she suggested that I should write an essay about geckos (following my boast of tremendous reptile knowledge).


I agreed that it was a fantastic idea! One that I will use as an opportunity to share with others ideas on a topic that I have the aptitude to educate others about. Below, you'll find a 2400 word essay about how INCREDIBLY AWESOME geckoes are. Though, it's about more than small, vertically inclined lizards.

It is about the world we live in and our perspective of its natural order.

And now for this week's installment of the SSS series.

This week, Athos, as well as the crew of his transport ship and the strange people of the flying city, find out what is causing such a disturbance.

You'll be shocked and horrified.

This week marks the 10th issue of The Rahaman Reader!

I'm happy to say that (as of writing this) we are at 15 subscribers! 

This may not seem like a whole lot, but everyone has to start somewhere, and gaining a couple of people each week is undeniable progress.


Thank you so much!


Sometime this weekend/next week. I'll be messaging some of you either by email or Twitter, just to talk to you a bit about this newsletter. If you want! If you decline to do so, which is totally cool, I won't pester you!


I just want to get some thoughts and feedback, because I'm always trying to grow and become better at what I do.

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