ISSUE #11 -

Oh Canada!

Here you'll find all the contents that were in issue #11 of the Rahaman Reader

Happy Friday, everyone!


As you might be able to guess, the theme for this issue is going to have a bit of a northern flavour. I'm actually writing this on Canada Day(July 1st).

*sips maple syrup*


With all the energy that a tree's sticky blood can provide, I have had the fuel to continue making progress in writing my short story collection and regular updates to Rahaman Writing. 

Canada is a land of great variety.


On the west coast, you have incredibly vibrant coastal life and clean air from the Pacific Ocean.

Across the prairies, you'll find great, wide expanses were you have the best view of the sky.

In the north, you can witness the cold and rugged beauty of the untamed lands. 

Along the east coast, you'll find glacial waters, rife with life, and the very best potatoes in North America. Sorry, Idaho.

And in the centre, you have the mess that is Ontario. With it's dense population (for Canada) in the south, it's kind of a bottom-heavy province. One that's a veritable melting pot of cultures from not only all over Canada, but other countries as well. Particularly those from our only neighbour, the United States of America.


With so many different aspects and things to do and see, I'm truly glad to live here. Someone fueled on sugary tree-juice could definitely use some things to do.

*Chugs bottle of syrup*


I mixed up 'east' and 'west' in the version that was sent out.

Damn this maple syrup addiction, it's driving me nuts!

Special thanks to Wendy Bayne for pointing this out to me!

One thing that Canadians are sometimes known for is their hospitality. If you're a guest in a Canadian's home, and you don't FEEL at home, then it's likely some sort of trap.


(Please forgive this dated reference)

In this week's installment of the 'Sky, Sea, and Stone', adventure, Athos meets some hospitable locals following the wake of the attack on the flying city. Soon, he may begin to recount of the secrets he learned while there...

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But keep in mind that you are ALWAYS welcome to contact me with feedback.


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