ISSUE #12 -

Return to Darkness

Here you'll find all the contents that were in issue #12 of the Rahaman Reader

Happy Friday, everyone!


This week, I'm going to try returning to my roots as well as attempting to be more consistent with the contents of The Rahaman Reader. I tend to talk about various, almost random, topics, but from now on I plan on narrowing the scope.


I plan to talk more about experiencing the Dark Fantasy and Horror genres.

(Writing, art, music, films, and more!)

And I'm also going to try to help other writers in similar genres! One of the most common compliments that I get about my work is the clarity in which fast-paced action scenes are written. I'm going to start giving out tips. This DOES NOT imply that I'm better than anyone, just that I have some writing strengths that I think could benefit others.


So, here is the Baron of Beholder's first writing tip:


When writing an action/fight scene, always, ALWAYS, over-write. Use short sentences and form a paragraph as if it is a big-ass list indicating each step of the action. Then, after everything is boringly implemented, you can have some fun! Start merging and varying the sentence lengths and adding adjectives here and there. Soon, you'll have a descriptive, logical, AND interesting action sequence! A great example of this is in Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings. Particularly the opening assassination sequence.


Although, I find that some Japanese content surpasses most western content in this regard.

And speaking of descriptive scenes, this week's installment of the 'Sky, Sea, and Stone" adventure takes a different turn. Following the brutality and recovery of the recent attack on Temptes Equit, the flying city that our protagonist and narrator is telling us about, Athos finds some time to relax and chat with some of the city's advisors over supper.


Though, the difference in culture and cuisine leads to... an interesting dinner party.

Recently, I've also been looking into how to integrate more fun quizzes and polls. Wix is not capable of doing so in a newsletter, but I can create a button here that takes you directly to the page on Rahaman Writing!


Over the past week, I've created a personality quiz which will match you with an aspect(character from the 'nightly-battle' dimension) from Inner Expanses. 

Check it out!

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