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Here you'll find all the contents that were in issue #14 of the Rahaman Reader

Happy Friday, everyone!


I hope you're all doing well! This week, I slacked off a bit. But then, the following day, I did TWICE the amount of work that I had planned. Like a wave in The Sea, sometimes one dips down before rising back up.


Here's some new and awesome stuff on Rahaman Writing:


- A reference guide to my SSS world (suggested by my good friend/spirit sister @EssiValo )

- Some more art for the random art section

- Some new poems and flash fiction (Quenya and French poems now with audio readings!)                                                                                               

I usually add more writing on a weekly basis.

But frequency of additions depend greatly on my motivation.

Which, again, not unlike a wave, comes and goes.

I always enjoy writing new creative content, but rarely make guides of any sort.

But, when putting together the beginnings of my Reference Guide, I realized that it was very satisfying. I was able to organize many thoughts and concepts, not only for my readers, but for myself.


By establishing a canon "Source" for my fiction set in the "Sky, Sea, and Stone" world, I have essentially made the very first record of it. Not unlike Athos Angion, the narrator/"writer" of the SSS story. It's oddly metaphysical in a way. Like my fiction is becoming me instead of vice versa. And this brings me to my next writing tip.


The Baron of Beholder's Writing Tip #3:


If you're building a world, particularly a fantasy one with its own rules(of men and magic), you need to ground it in some way. Even the HIGHEST of high fantasy(successful ones, mind you) have things that do this.


Though, this does not mean that you have to add mundane elements. Just establish that the people of this world KNOW some of what's going on. Having everyone believe everything happens because of "gods" or "magic" is boring and lazy fantasy writing. ESPECIALLY if that actually is the case in said written world.

An organization, group of people, or even a single individual with the deepest lore of the world (let's not mince words, I mean a fucking wizard), can help put the more fantastic happenings in your world into context for the readers, which can establish a sense of awe.


It's like you're allowing the reader a peek into the depths of your world!


Merriment aside, things head in a very literary direction in this week's installment for Of the Sky, Of the Sea, and Of the Stones.

Athos recounts to us his trip from the docked and badly damaged Bitterwind to the Central Library of the flying city. He is guided there by the Head Librarian himself!

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