ISSUE #21 

The Choice is Yours

Here you'll find all the contents that were in issue #21 of the Rahaman Reader

Good Friday, everyone.

Sit back and relax, for the weekend is here!


Here are some new and neat things on Rahaman Writing:


  • Optimized site text for better search results

  • Added a new French/English poem about light: Light Translation

  • Added Page 8 of my dark fantasy flash fiction series: The Baron's Journal

Also, in addition to the above, I wrote a bizarre and epic fantasy adventure based on the lore created from a poll on Twitter. For those of you who don't know, Twitter's #WritingCommunity is great virtual place for interacting with writers of all kinds from all over the world. In times when going outside can cost you dearly, it's immensely helpful to be able to interact with like-minded creative types. Not just writers, but some musicians and visual artists overlap as well from their respective Twitter communities.


This bizarre adventure I speak of arose from a very specific series of events. Firstly, the Twitter user @LiteraryMemes1 tweeted a poll asking her fellow writers which type of supernatural creature she would be in a fictional setting(with traditional mythical creatures). Many thought this was a fun idea, so they did the same, and each poll became more and more outlandish, as memes sometimes do, until the user @Schan_42 made a similar poll, but with significantly less traditional creatures(you'll see.)


This then sparked a discussion of how interesting it would be to see all of these elements in one, physical, confrontational, setting; as well as how awesome art depicting such a scene would be. All that was needed was an artist talented and crazy enough to make it happen.


Suddenly, that talented and crazy artist, @Ezre131 appeared and took up the challenge. Shortly, they delivered THIS magnificent work:

At such a sight of unbound creativity I could not help but feel inspired! Therefore, using the hilarious poll and this magnificent piece of art as a guide, I wrote a 4000~ word short story depicting a fantasy adventure unlike any other. A weird, wacky, fun romp that ended up being far more action-packed, witty, and deep than I thought it would.

If that sounds like the kind of tale you're into, click below to read it!

As I was editing the above story, I discovered the essence of creativity.

Where it comes from and how it comes about.


Choices, born from a will. Which appear because they can.


The Baron of Beholder's Writing Tip #10:


What you create is not only the result of the choices you make in your preferred medium (painting, writing, piano, etc.), but the choices you make in life as well. You will likely find similar boundaries in both the real world and your mental, creative one.


If you ever get stuck in the process of completing your next project, try doing something different in your life. A change, a new kind of choice, can help you find your way. That which seems blocked may not be. You don't have to break through a wall, sometimes it's better to go around, above, or even below it.


New choices, new decisions, and new questions can lead to new answers.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have such freedom, though.

Choices evade our scholarly protagonist this week as he is stuck within the walls of a library, sheltering which others like himself from a plague spreading through the flying city.


Settling In

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