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Here you'll find all the contents that were in issue #22 of the Rahaman Reader

Praise Friday!

The Ender of Weeks!!


Here are some happenings and new plans for Rahaman Writing:


I have had more time recently to evaluate the kinds of content that I consume, as well as reflect on why I like the things that I do.

Reflection and meditative thought has been incredibly useful for me, not only for my writing, but for all aspects of my life.

I feel it is something we should all do on occasion, because it often yields positive results and a deeper understanding of not only ourselves, but the world around us.


While doing some of this self-reflection, I took a look at the kind of music I usually listen to. 

Depressive Dungeon Synth and Minimalist Post-rock for somber days.

Death Metal and Punk Rock for more determined ones.

You get the idea.

I also realized that the only thing all these bands/albums have in common are that they evoke similar intensity of emotion from me. Though, all different and in their own way, they all can send my mind on an adventure, regardless of whether I'm going for a stroll or typing away in my basement.


Setting the mood and getting yourself into the right state of mind can be tremendously helpful for writing. I'm sure many of you know this already, but for those who don't, I have defined my next tip!


The Baron of Beholder's Writing Tip #11:


Music does magical things to organisms; it can make use happy, sad, or even angry! Though, technically, sound is just the way molecules move in the air. Think of it like energy, instead of matter. As an audio-video technician, it killed me a bit on the inside to leave out so many details, but I digress.


Let this real world magic summon sentiments from within you. Find something new from a different genre that sounds interesting, take suggestions from people you know, or even creep the recommended section.


There's a lot of easily obtainable music out there, in digital form, and most of it is very cheap! Most bands that I look up online tend to sell full digital albums now for only a couple bucks each, and in professional quality as well!


Find the soundtrack for your world.

Certain melodies and rhythms can trigger unexpected sensations in your mind. If nothing you currently listen to has this effect, then try something new!

For Athos, the only music to him is the silence of the library in the midst of a pandemic and the rustling of pages as he, and the other scholars, await news of the city's state. 


But the book Athos has chosen to read in this time is quickly becoming as mind-shaking as his current situation. For, within it, he begins to uncover the most ancient secrets of The Sky.


Chaos Theory

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