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Recently I have noticed that my mind is wandering towards thoughts of dwarfs. You know, the Tolkien kind: Gimli, Thorin, Durin, etc.


I've always admired their stoic nature. Their determination and fortitude. And, if I'm being honest, their stubbornness as well! 


Their steadfastness in all they do is inspiring and something I feel myself encouraged by. In the face of adversity and setbacks, it is impossible not to feel daunted or even worn down at times.


But do NOT give up.

Everyone gets knocked down once in a while, but you only truly lose if you STAY down.

Every time you get back up is a victory.

Each and EVERY time.

But why are dwarfs so resilient?

What gives them such a strong will?

Is it gold and gems?

Their faith in themselves?



Probably all three, and much more.

They simply care about things. A LOT. And by dwelling on their passions they find reasons not give into the darkness of defeat.

Which brings us to this week's writing tip.


The Baron of Beholder's Writing Tip #13:


Don't stop.

Not permanently, anyways.


Setbacks, great and small, are inevitable. But you can get back to doing what you love whenever you want. You have the power to do so.


Remember the reason you started working on your project. That spark of inspiration and the joy brought from delving into your craft.


Look back on old, successful works.

Enjoy some of the content that inspired them (films, books, art, music, etc.)

Maybe even share works you are proud of with those who you think would like them.


Every day is a battle, but you are not unarmed.

Your pen can be a sword and your inspiration a shield.

This week, we learn some of the history and legacy of the cyan-skinned folk residing within the flying city. Athos has a chat with a reliable source and learns a great deal more about his strange and fascinating world.


Calendar of the Aetherians

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