Here you'll find all the contents that were in issue #3 of the Rahaman Reader


I have removed the 'Reviews' section and have replaced it with a 'Polls & Quizzes' section. Currently, it houses but a single lonely quiz. Though, it is a short one that can be replayed many times. There are over 50 different results that you can get!

I have also made a hidden sub-page of the 'Polls & Quizzes' section for subscriber-only polls! I will be linking this sub-only poll in future issues of 'The Rahaman Reader' for new subscribers.


Test your luck and your will.

Check out the sub-only poll and let me know what you think of this newsletter so far!

Here is the third part of the SSS series. This one is longer, at about 1000 words. Athos tells us of Quil's encounter with the enraged wood troll and how she dealt with it.

As before, you can get the file for this story in 3 different formats, so you can read it on any device!

In Part 3 of SSS, there is an image(labeled Figure 3) that depicts a field with a few doors scattered about. If you think it's a neat image, you can download it in wallpaper size below.

This week, instead of a poem I will be giving you a little bit of flash fiction. This is something I wrote for a short story competition a little while ago. It didn't win, but I still like it. The theme for that competition was 'Green', by the way.

I will not elaborate further on the nature of this short tale, as there is no point in trying to explain madness born of the void.

I also manipulated the cover to make a cool piece suitable for a phone wallpaper, although you're welcome to use it for whatever you like.

'Inner Expanses' will be in a promotion on BookFunnel from the 1st to the 15th of May. The price will be going from $4.99 to $1.99(USD) during this period. You can find other books (Mystery & Suspense, Romance, and Sci-Fi & Fantasy) here for similar prices as well.

It's meant to be for iTunes only, but I am lowering the price for my book on all platforms, including Amazon. 

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