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Sometimes I wonder about how I ended up where I am. What led me here and where I am to go now. I don't just mean physically but mentally and emotionally as well.


Reflecting on such things can give one a bit of perspective and can allow one to remember things long forgotten.


Everything has a reason and everything has a place, even if that may be hard to see at times. This is also true for characters and creatures in fictional stories.

The Baron of Beholders' Writing Tip #21:


Purpose and locomotion are the two most important factors that one should address when determining what kind of organisms to put in which settings. I'll break each down into some of their more important aspects by using dragons as a control example.



Why the creature is here. The reason for an organism to stay in a certain area is because it benefits from doing so. Abundant food, cleaner water, safer shelter, and much more are valid reasons.

Dragons usually live on or in mountains because they need a lot of space due to their large size. They also don't get along well with people, so high and remote regions where people rarely travel are ideal.



How the creature moves about its environment. Specifically, how it goes about fulfilling its purposes of acquiring food, water, shelter, etc.

Dragons get around their mountainous domain by flight, allowing them to travel far and wide to hunt prey or escape enemies, though wingless creatures would need other means to travel the rough terrain.

Great climbing skills due to specialized hands, feet, and tails could be a potential method; as can narrow, yet cleft hooves; or even some way to stick to sheer faces with a natural adhesive. 


Think about the needs of the organism and then give them a method to fulfill them.

Athos finishes up this chapter from Of the Sky, Of the Sea, and Of the Stones by elaborating on the changes that occurred after the Aetherian scholars integrated into the GLRU.


Soon, a new chapter of this tale begins, where Athos will begin recounting how he learned ancient secrets of the Sea.


The Calling Currents

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Des M. Astor is an Urban Fantasy writer who weaves complex worlds full of brutal and bloody conflicts. If you like vampires, half-dragons, and other supernatural elements that interact in a dynamic setting, be sure to check out Des' work by clicking the image below!

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