The Changing Tide

Rejoice, Friday has arrived!


Behold some updates to Rahaman Writing:



December has arrived, which heralds the end of the year.


And what weird fucking year it has been.


But with the end comes a new beginning. One for a fresh start that is full of promise.


Sometime in January, I hope to release my 2nd book, a short story collection to be titled Unusual Tales for the Curious Mind, and begin working on my 3rd (A high seas adventure about pirates set in the SSS world). To do this in combination with my current freelance writing contract (which keeps me busy for about 6-8 hours most days) I am going to need to ease back in a few other areas.


I love writing this newsletter and will continue to do so. However, I will be decreasing how many issues are sent out per month at the beginning of 2021. Instead of being sent every week, I will be sending these out every other week. Specifically the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month.


Furthermore, Of the Sky, Of the Sea, and Of the Stones will be on a short break. Chapter 3: Of the Sea, will return in the 1st issue of The Rahaman Reader in January. I want some more time to polish and format my short story collection before beginning the marketing phase and taking a small break from the SSS series will be greatly beneficial in this regard.

The Baron of Beholders' Writing Tip #22:


It can be cathartic to finish something you've been working on, and the year's end is the perfect time to do so. But it is not recommended to rush your current  big project.


Instead, pick something small and fun to complete. A poem, a drawing, or even finishing a book!


Pick something enjoyable and see it through before December 31st.


With this sense of accomplishment, you could end 2020 off on a higher note, regardless of how the rest of the year was for you. Starting 2021 off with success and satisfaction could be the beginning of a wonderful trend.

This is for those who wish to have all the parts of SSS - Chapter 2 in one convenient place. I have edited for as many spelling and grammatical errors as I could find, so this 23'000 word chunk of the story now is more readable than ever! 


If you haven't been keeping up with this tale, now is the best time to hope in.


This chapter reads like a standalone short story that follows a curious scholar as he explores the world and learns about a flying city. Athos Angion sets out to study The Sources, the origins of all energy and matter in the known universe, but the forces of the Sky and Sea make it clear that there is much more going on in the world than what humans are aware of.


Chapter 2 - Of The Sky


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"Approaching the docks, we heard the violent smashing of wood and the clanging of metal being pounded through the cold veil of white mist that hung in the air by the coast. With a sudden gust, the pale haze cleared to reveal a beast from the brine like none I had seen before or after my time on Kioshell Island. It was roughly the same size as the fishing ship that had ferried me here and was in the process of tearing apart a vessel of similar proportions with a cold fury, pausing only to fling away huge bits of debris or adjust the monstrous maw that was its shell: the living, partially decomposed head of a sky serpent.."