Serene Solitude

Welcome to the week's end.


New occurrences on Rahaman Writing:


There will be some changes made to The Baron's Journal.


When I started writing it, this story was meant to be a series of 1-page entries posted primarily on social media as quick-reads to draw people toward my content. This didn't draw as much interest as I would have liked and since then have started posting entries on Rahaman Writing while tweeting small excerpts instead. This seems to be a better strategy for drawing people in as I have been seeing some increased visits after posting excepts compared to posting full pages.


Though, this defeats the gimmick of writing the entries 1 page at a time and is actually detrimental to the content. One of my strengths as a writer is vividly describing complex and interesting imagery. By limiting myself to merely a single page I am essentially holding my content back from being truly awesome. With this in mind, I wrote "Page 18" more like a "Part 18" in that it technically is 3 pages long.


This was liberating and allowed me to convey this part of the story much better and in a far more interesting manner. I plan to do this with further parts as well in addition to adjusting the Rahaman Writing pages for The Baron's Journal.


I am also going to be changing the title of this ongoing series to "The Baron's Journey" as it feels more fitting. I am recounting my tales, though no longer via journal entries. I'm just telling the masses about my epic tale of conquest.

A few weeks ago, I gave you all a tip about taking breaks in Issue #31. This week's bit of advice is related and was inspired by the recent actions of some good friends.


The Baron of Beholders' Writing Tip #23:


Take some time for yourself.


Away from others, if need be. Regardless of how much you, your friends, and family care about one another, there can definitely be too much of a good thing.


There's a specific kind of silence that the mind can only attain without other people. The kind that lets thoughts and emotions flow in and out in a healthy manner.


Solitude can be peaceful and help you to clear your mind, though it is not the only way. Maybe take a quiet trip somewhere with a loved one or two. Or even stay at home and purposely don't do anything noteworthy for a weekend.

Although not directly connected to the events of my first (and currently only) novel, this story is meant to expand upon the universe in a subtle way that can be enjoyed before or after one reads Inner Expanses.


Take a jaunt through another dimension. Insight into strange happenings may occur upon your travels. Magic and mystery await in this short tale following the antler-sporting, blue-skinned, elderly (yet energetic!) wizard Mercae.


Pilgrim of the Planes

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