Here you'll find all the contents that were in issue #4 of the Rahaman Reader


I have removed the 'Reviews' section and have replaced it with a 'Polls & Quizzes' section. I also changed some of the page backgrounds for aesthetic reasons. 

I have made a hidden sub-page of the 'Polls & Quizzes' section for subscriber-only polls! I will be linking this sub-only poll in future issues of 'The Rahaman Reader' for new subscribers.

Check out the sub-only poll and let me know what you think of this newsletter so far!

Next week, instead of giving you all a poem/flash fiction, I'm going to be doing something a bit different. In next week's issue of the Rahaman Reader, you will be getting the weekly instalment of SSS, but you will also get a FULL short story (10'000 words).

This short story is titled 'Plague From the Sea' and is an urban fantasy/sci-fi tale about a epidemic that makes life in a small coastal town a living hell!

Here's a desktop wallpaper made from the cover art.

Here is a short excerpt from 'Plague From the Sea' to get you hyped!

Here is the fourth part of the SSS series. Our elderly scholar, and scribe, recounts a very telling conversation that Quil had with a new acquaintance. Answers Ahead!

As before, you can get the file for this story in 3 different formats, so you can read it on any device!

The first three chapter of 'Inner Expanses' as well as 'Cyan Skies' and 'Pilgrim of the Planes' will be in a newsletter building promo starting on May 15th. That doesn't mean much for you guys, as you are already subbed to my newsletter! But, this could be a great place to find new and interesting stories from lesser known writers.

Check it out!

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