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In this part, the fifth instalment in the 'Sky, Sea, and Stone' series(600~ words), our narrator tells us of Quil's venture into the heart of the Island of Agalloch. What she finds there sends her mind reeling!

As before, you can get the file for this story in 3 different formats, so you can read it on any device!

Here it is, that short story(10k~ words) I told you about in last week's newsletter! This urban fantasy/horror tale takes place in a fictional coastal town called Seravek

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The story follows Val, a young woman who is simply trying to make ends meet. As she is doing her laundry one day, she is assaulted by a gelatinous fiend in her own house! 

Experience Val's adventures as she tries to keep her head above water in


Last week, I gave you all a desktop wallpaper created from the cover art for 'Plague From the Sea', but today I have for you a phone-sized wallpaper of the same image!

Again, you can use these wallpapers I create for anything you want. Images for blog posts, profile pictures, whatever! Just be sure to give me a shout out if you do ;)

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"One such Spark, but a mere fraction of Order, became the source for all we know upon Okeanós. While spinning and soaring through the many violent tendrils of Chaos, this particular Spark willed for it to stop; for the madness and rushing of void mixed with explosions of light to cease. So it forced the chaotic clouds around itself to shift into a pattern. It gave reason and rhythm to the matter and energy, previously untamed, until the void and light coarsed together, in harmony, at the weaving will of this Spark. Near the bottom of the page sharing this information, it is mentioned that there was a ‘God’ who had succumbed to a Chaos-stricken madness following the learning of these details. How they transferred the information, and what became of them, is not mentioned until the reference section, which I shall get to a bit later, as they warrant explanation as well..."