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Have a Seat!

Here you'll find all the contents that were in issue #8 of the Rahaman Reader

Small note:

I've compiled all the previous parts of chapter 1 of the 'Sky, Sea, and Stone' series into one, easily readable PDF. It's about 6k~ words, but I made this for new readers who want to read the full first chapter without having to look up each, individual part in the archives.

I will be doing this each time a chapter is completed, for the sake of easier readability for new subscribers! (Or current ones who want to download full chapters for posterity)


Check out the full first chapter from Of The Sky, Of The Sea, and Of The Stones(SSS) below!

Happy Friday, everyone!


I hope you're all doing well. Especially since the weekend is upon us! Though, to me, that doesn't make a huge difference anymore, as I haven't been able to go to work since early March. Many of you are probably in the same boat. Just sitting at home, on your computers, phones, or tablets. Which got me thinking...

...what a great time to be a writer!


People stuck at home with nothing to do need...well, something to do! Be it video, stories, or other pursuits, people everywhere are seated in their homes upon their favourite chairs do what they like most.

Speaking of chairs, I was...involved in a veritable dumpster-fire of a thread on Twitter recently. A friend of mine asked me about it, so I'll just show you a screenshot of my explanation of the scenario for simplicity.

Suffice to say that Dark Lords don't really take kindly to their brethren being insulted. Chaotic retribution is always my first form of reply to such stimulus, because it's simply more fun. I advise others to take a similar approach if they are ever in such a circumstance.


For idiots on the internet will never take your genuine thoughts, points, and rebuttals seriously. They will just continue to shit from their mouth in verbal diarrhea, the flow of which sometimes needs to be stemmed, or at least pointed out and laughed at in public.


I think a conversation that I had following this with a fellow author stated this sentiment quite well. If you don't already follow Andrew Slinde, by the way, I recommend that you do so. He's a talented writer and a great person. Always someone that I like seeing on my feed.

But that's enough about dumpster-fire threads. For now, it is the beginning of something new.


I bring to you (drum-roll please!) the next chapter of The Rahaman Reader's exclusive series. Of the Sky, Of the Sea, and Of the Stones, chapter 2, has begun!


In chapter 1, our elderly narrator, Athos Angion, tells us of an account told to him by his mentor long ago. But, in this chapter, Athos will be telling us of one of his very own adventures! One that involves research into the little-known sky-folk and their flying cities!

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"One such Spark, but a mere fraction of Order, became the source for all we know upon Okeanós. While spinning and soaring through the many violent tendrils of Chaos, this particular Spark willed for it to stop; for the madness and rushing of void mixed with explosions of light to cease. So it forced the chaotic clouds around itself to shift into a pattern. It gave reason and rhythm to the matter and energy, previously untamed, until the void and light coarsed together, in harmony, at the weaving will of this Spark. Near the bottom of the page sharing this information, it is mentioned that there was a ‘God’ who had succumbed to a Chaos-stricken madness following the learning of these details. How they transferred the information, and what became of them, is not mentioned until the reference section, which I shall get to a bit later, as they warrant explanation as well..."