Where various illustrations, figures, and other minor pieces end up

The pencil-drawn outline for the cover of 'Inner Expanses'. 

The first hand drawn piece that I have made in literally years. Probably close to a decade.

I'm much more used to digital art and photo manipulation, but I think that it came out well.

The current cover of 'Inner Expanses', but without the text. You can see more of Cortex's sinister form, similar to the original cover (above).

I like the vibe this gives off. A sinister yellow eye peering at you from the abyss.

Kind of has a Lovecraftian feel, which was the intent.

Beholder of the dark.

This is the very first figure in my "Of the Sky, Of the Sea, and Of the Stones" series. 

I depicts a metaphor in a literal manner. For scholars in this story, when one question is answered, two more often appear. This gave rise to a saying, that refers to this notion as a "metaphysical hydra".

The second figure in my newsletter series (Of the Sky, Of the Sea, and Of the Stones).

This one shows a cheeky wood troll who is guarding a door. This odd organism inhabits the island of Agalloch, where there are many like it who seem very fond of the isle's architecture.

The crest for the Global Lore Researchers Union. An organization in my Sky, Sea, and Stone universe that comprises of many academic individuals from all over the world. 

With different chapters located upon many different islands, the GLRU are a strong force for education and science.

Their crest has representations for the three Sources of the world. The origins of all known matter and life.

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"Approaching the docks, we heard the violent smashing of wood and the clanging of metal being pounded through the cold veil of white mist that hung in the air by the coast. With a sudden gust, the pale haze cleared to reveal a beast from the brine like none I had seen before or after my time on Kioshell Island. It was roughly the same size as the fishing ship that had ferried me here and was in the process of tearing apart a vessel of similar proportions with a cold fury, pausing only to fling away huge bits of debris or adjust the monstrous maw that was its shell: the living, partially decomposed head of a sky serpent.."

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