A dark fantasy tale of betrayal and revenge. Follow Claiomh, a renown solider, as he is wronged and executed. He returns to a new and strange existence. One of flame and fury.

A fantasy story about life on foreign waters. Join a captain and his crew as they sail the fictional Koivu Sea. This story is set in the same world as my "Sky, Sea, and Stone" series.

A very odd tale that I wrote years ago. More experimental than anything else. If you want something different, it could be an interesting fantasy/sci-fi read.

A horror story about the coldness of the north. Quite brutal, with themes of domestic abuse and scenes with gore. Not for the weak of heart.

A cosmic horror story about a planet inhabited by strange, inky creatures. Follows the perspective of Mancafar, the oldest and mightiest of this dark planet's children, as he conquers.

A story that in a genre that I like to call 'Biological Fiction'. Follows the life of a wyvern living in a valley between mountains in almost documentary-style narration.

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