The Baron's Journal
Page 1

The Baron of Beholders is a mighty demon with a mysterious plan. Take a peak at his journal pages to see what calamities he has in store for his foes

The Baron's Journal
Page 2

The Baron faces off against a demon possessed by the dark energy of an Abyssal Dragon.

See how he handles this threat.

The Baron's Journal
Page 3

After dealing with the minor threat, the Baron enters his stone cottage for his main purpose in coming to the shores of the Cocytus.

The Baron's Journal
Page 5
The Baron's Journal
Page 4

The Baron confers with some of his minions and has a spot of tea. Or rather, what denizens of the underworld refer to as tea.

Also, imminent torture...

The Baron preps his next experiment. Soon his plans for the void heart and his prisoner will become clear to all, bloody and ruthless as it is.

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