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August 9th, 2020

  • Added more poetry and flash fiction to Rahaman Writing

    • A Quenya haiku about freedom​

    • A French poem about illness

    • Page 5 of The Baron's Journal

  • Plans to add more flash fiction and poetry

  • Added a new map to the Reference Guide

Every night is a battle to the death.


Yarut, a swordsman with flesh like stone, fights for control of his own potential and dominance over the many monsters that he calls his brethren and neighbours. Beings of all shapes and sizes combat one another in gruelling and bloody conflicts, but death is not the end. Each morning they are revived and are forced to exert their minds on inane tasks, only to end the evenings in another nightly battle. The cycle repeats itself endlessly until Yarut accomplishes his daily task and changes begin to unfold throughout his world and parallel ones.


Jim Lobe, unaware of the conflict in the nearby linked dimension, goes about his mundane life until the paradigm shift reaches him. His life begins to change for reasons unknown to him. His struggles and difficulties multiply and expand, but so does his joy and confidence in himself.


Two worlds push and pull one another through the fabric of space-time as our heroes face their greatest challenges. Join Yarut, Jim, and many other interesting characters in this fantasy adventure unlike any other!



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"As I gazed towards the highest peaks, I spied the far off forms of great sky serpents. Long and majestic, their many-coloured feathers left marks in the sky. I’ve read legends of these creatures, referred to in ancient texts in passing as ‘The Children of Ziz’. Little information about them exists in written form, but from what I have read, these winged serpents were harbingers of madness and the might of The Sky. Where their mother was, I did not know, but was grateful that she was not present. For what I read of her gave me the impression that sighting her usually preludes to one’s doom."

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