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June 24, 2021​​​​​​​​​


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Every night is a bloody battle to the death.

In a violent realm where monsters of all shapes and sizes rend each other limb from limb, one finds a way to alter this brutal tradition. Gathering his wits and steeling himself to face an eldritch threat with dimension altering power, Yarut, a stone-skinned swordsman, bands together with some fellow fiends to embark on a bizarre and deadly journey through vivid, vicious lands that are full of deep, dark secrets.

In another dimension, one much like our own, this bloodshed goes unnoticed as Jim Lobe, an aging man down on his luck, struggles to find meaning in life. His mind is plagued by the happenings of another world, which affects his decisions in negative and unpredictable ways, but soon he finds hope. He follows a glimmer along a dark path and chases his desire for a better life. Though, unknown to Jim, his destiny lies within the tentacles of the same eldritch threat oppressing Yarut and the others in the realm of nightly battles.

Two worlds push and pull one another through the fabric of reality. The space beyond and between realms get twisted and manipulated by a Dark God with ill intent.

Will Yarut's and Jim's adventures lead to death or salvation? Only those brave enough to enter the Inner Expanses will find out...

" Such a detailed world and character driven story with a fantastic plot."

"Absolutely outstanding work!"

"Interesting and engaging. Well worth the read."

"A different and exciting mix of Fantasy & Horror"

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