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Sky, Sea, & Stone

Sky, Sea, and Stone

The world where the 'Of The Sky, Of The Sea, and Of The Stones' series is set, as well as a few stories in my upcoming collection. As I write more of different islands, I will add them to the map. 


This island is the setting for the first chapter of the SSS series.

It is inhabited by strange trolls and mysterious ruins

Temptes Equit

Temptes Equit means "Storm Rider" in the language of the people that inhabit this majestic city (Koivan). 

In Chapter 2 of the SSS series,

this is the setting. The

people of this city are

very sophisticated

and have great

knowledge and 


They also have many

enemies upon the Sea

and among the Stones.

The global

hub for culture

and education.

Boasting three major

cities, it also has

a booming 

economy, which

results in great 

wealth and luxury.

A far cry from

most other islands.


GLRU: The Global Lore Researcher's Union. This society of scholars delve into the secrets of the world and use this knowledge to aid mankind. They generally have a good reputation, but some members have been known to disregard safety in pursuit of knowledge.

Lodgium: This precious and rare metal is used in a number of machines and mechanisms the world over and is highly sought after. It is known for being incredibly strong, yet malleable and easy to work with. It also conducts electricity very well and is used in wiring as well as for reinforcements. Surprisingly light as well.

The Sources: There are three main sources of the world; Sky, Sea, and Stone. Each is a core component of this universe and each produces unique particles that influence very much. From the winds and storms to ice and fire, the sources are the natural forces where all energy and matter originate.

Koivan: An ancient language that came from the far north. All of the world's oldest written artifacts are in this language. In some places, this is still spoken. Though, those places are inhabited by those other than humans.


Children of Ziz

These colossal, winged serpents rule the skies. They were the first sentient beings to inhabit the world. They resided in the aether since before the land or sea were created. Their form cannot be fully perceived by people and cause human eyes to burn and bleed. Their mother, Ziz, looks much like them, though is long enough to wrap around the planet. They wield fire and light against their foes.

Grandchildren of Ziz

The second generation of giant skyborne serpents. They are the offspring of the Children of Ziz. They do not grow nearly as large, though still get longer than most full sized galleons. They are simply smaller versions for their grandmother. They tend to get closer to humanity for they are more curious about those below than their parents, however, their brilliance is equally as painful to humans.

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