Unusual Tales for the Curious Mind

This short story anthology will consist of those seen the above, plus a few secret ones! Three, of which, are still in the process of being created. All of these tales fall under the umbrella of 'Speculative Fiction'. That is to say fantasy, horror, and a bit of science fiction. Each of them stands out as some of my best work, but most are not connected in any way. There are exceptions to this, though, as a few of these take place in my 'Sky, Sea, and Stone' universe.



Salt on the Waves

July 2021

This novel will follow the adventures of Captain Charles Salt and his small, but fierce crew. Charles and his crew grew up together in an orphanage on a small island. Upon reaching the age of

sixteen Charles leaves the orphanage and is followed by six of his brothers and sisters. Together they set out to become the wealthiest and most feared pirates in all the seven seas! 

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