Which Aspect are You?

In my first book, Inner Expanses, the majority of the story takes place in a dimension known as 'The Realm of Nightly Battles'. It is so named because every time darkness falls, there is a battle-royale between the inhabitants. Each of these inhabitants represents a different aspect of the human mind, and their styles of combat vary greatly. So much so, that I decided to make a personality quiz using this setting and these character! The quiz below has 18 different endings and is relatively short, so feel feel to play and re-play it at different times. Your results will likely differ depending on your mood.

Here's a fair warning, though:

Being in a negative mood may lead to a pessimistic result. This is not intended to offend, but accurately represent the range of human emotions.

Summon a Demon

My first book, Inner Expanses, contains characters heavily inspired by demonology, the occult, and writings by authors who also have a fascination with such subject matter. This is a little time-killer I came up with in my spare time. There are only a few questions, but over FIFTY different results. You can replay this quiz as many times as you want, just click the restart button in the bottom right at the completion screen to go back to the beginning. See who you summon up from the depths...

Eye of Cortex.jpg