The new cover for 'Inner Expanses'. After getting some good feedback from others, I decided to change how the cover of my first book looks. I feel the darker look is more representative of the tone that I want to convey to readers. It is Dark Fantasy, after all. For those wondering, this creature is Cortex, the antagonist of Inner Expanses. They are a very powerful being from another plane of existence that can travel through dimensions and manipulate matter.

The original cover art for my first novel, 'Inner Expanses' without the title, author name, and border. Hand drawn in pencil on paper first, then scanned and coloured digitally. It was my first time working on a mixed media piece like this in a very long while, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I feel that I now have a method in which I can now create future art with. I plan to create more pieces in this style to go alongside my other writing projects.

Art that I created to accompany my short story 'Pilgrim of the Planes'. This is the other tale meant to act as both an epilogue and magnet reader for 'Inner Expanses'.

This story follows Mercae, a dimension hopping wizard. He's a big fan of fire spells and physics magic(basically telekinesis).

You can download this one for free as well from the Short Stories Section of Rahaman Writing.

Ah, yes. A story that I forgot that I had written for years. I don't even fully remember when or why I wrote this. I think that I was just experimenting with different ways to tell stories.

I consider this more of an experiment than a work to be proud of, has a certain rawness that I can't deny is effective. One of my shorter stories, I decided to slap this into my upcoming short story collection. This may even be one I publish on this site for free! Stay tuned on that last note.

'Open Water' is an incredibly important story for me. It was the first short story that I wrote(and completed!) after graduating from college. The first work at a competent level of writing, it encompassed my loves of the sea, fantasy, and, believe it or not, H. P. Lovecraft.

This is also the first story ever written in my 'Sky, Sea, and Stone' universe. In fact, it was this story that made me want to build this world beyond just a single tale. Unsurprisingly, this will be in my collection.

Pine Valley Wyvern

Another big selling point for my upcoming collection (Unusual Tales for the Curious Mind) is 'The Birth of Mancafar'. This cosmic horror tale actually follows the perspective of the horror in question. Most stories in this genre show you things from the human perspective, but I wanted to do things differently.


I want to show readers how a cosmic horror comes to be. Where it starts and how it becomes something that fuels nightmares. I wrote this in tiny segments over the course of years. As a hobby/time killer.

Winter's Maw

A tale set in my Sky, Sea, and Stone world. One ruled by forces greater than most can even perceive.

This story follows the brutal assault on a couple within their own home and what happens afterwards.

Driven by madness, a young woman seeks that which was taken from her and her husband. In doing so she discovers secrets in the depths and the location of the fiend who wronged her.

Though, maybe she shouldn't have

The Ferrous Fiend

Another tale set in my Sky, Sea, and Stone world, this is one of radiant horror.

Inspired in certain aspects by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and M.R. James, Ascending shows you the difficulties facing monks residing within an ivory temple resting upon a mountain. 

Though, this is no ordinary temple, as it was formed from a bony fragment from a massive, prehistoric being.

The ferocious past echoes loudly for one poor monk.

Art that I created to accompany my short story 'Cyan Skies'. This tale (sorry for the pun, I could not resist!) follows Fornus, an important supporting character from my first book, 'Inner Expanses' in a semi-related adventure.

This is one of two stories meant to be epilogues for 'Inner Expanses', but also act as a magnet reader to draw people towards my first book.

You can download it for free, HERE.

The artwork for a short story titled 'Plague From the Sea'. This one is a bit different from my usually work, as it is set in a more familiar environment. It's an urban sci-fi/horror that tells the tale of Valence Vickers, a waitress and aspiring artist, who is left no choice but to defend herself from monster that invade her hometown from the sea.


This is another tale that you can download for free from the Short Story Section. This is one of the stories that will be in my upcoming short story collection.

Absolute Precision

Another story that I began years ago. Began, but never finished. Until a few weeks ago, that is. There's a lot of sorrow and anger in 'Burning Blood'. It's a tale that I started to write as catharsis, but became its own beast in the end. Oddly appropriate, considering this story is all about letting the flames of vengeance and determination consume you. That is, when fanned by winds of words. If you like stories about martial prowess, betrayal, and redemption, you'll like 'Burning Blood'. Soon to be available in my short story collection!

While putting this page together, I'm realizing how old a lot of these stories in my upcoming collection (Unusual Tales for the Curious Mind) really are.

This was another experiment that I started years ago and never finished until a few weeks ago. It's in a genre that I like to call 'Biological Fantasy'. It follows the perspective of a wyvern living in a remote pocket of forest in a valley set between a few mountains.

In the future, the distant future, I'm going to write a whole novel in this genre.

Probably the most gory thing that I'm willing to publish under my own name. A truly sinister tale about domestic abuse, supernatural torture, and the cold apathy of the frozen north. I'm going to include this in my collection, because it's one of my better works, but I think I may need to put a disclaimer before it. Lest, it triggers people. 

Follows the perspective of a child, named Theo, who is subjected to horrid visions of a cruel and bloodthirsty wendigo. 

I custom made the font as well.

A Mad Current

Set in my Sky, Sea, and Stone world, this story follows a race of organic metal people.

They inhabit an island free of humans and with a very different forms of life. All living beings on this island in the far west seas are comprised mostly of metal, like these humanoids.

But one day, in an iron mine on the north of the island, a hideous monster appears. The miners send for aid and the call is answered by the mightiest legion of warriors from their civilization.

The first, and currently only, cover art I have ever made for anyone else. 

I was enjoying The Garden Withers by Luís Herrera (a friend and fellow Dark Fantasy writer) so much that it inspired me to express the feelings I had while reading it in a visual manner. And when inspiration calls, I do not ignore it!

This cover is comprised from all original elements. I took the photo of these daisies years ago, but have never used it for anything until now. I just tweaked the colour balance, drew in some blood and added the title and name text.

If you like this kind of cover, I take commissions for cover art. Not just for books/stories, but am open to working on album covers, movie posters, and more.

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