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I started writing my first book while working a boring, minimum wage job. I needed a creative outlet and had many ideas for stories, but needed to decide on a medium in which to tell those stories. I studied broadcast

television and videography in college and love making videos and taking photos, but I felt that I just didn't have the time or budget to produce a TV show/movie of the quality I desired.

Before television and film, books were the most common ways to tell a story, and many aspects of storytelling in more modern media originate from the world of literature. Film scripts, if you look closely, often resemble play scripts, like the kind created for theatrical performances.

Fiction books have been a huge part of my life since I was a young child. My parents and sister would read to me often and I grew to love the stories they told me and soon began creating my own. Fantasy tales were especially alluring to me, being full of otherworldly wonders. Magic, alternate realities, and their possibilities drew such vivid and exciting images in my mind.

I consider myself a dreamer with a goal, but those familiar with H. P. Lovecraft's 'Dreamcycle' know that this is not always a path that should be trodden. The mind can get lost. Lost in worlds real and not. Sometimes for longer than some would deem appropriate. Especially when overcome by the mundane, the mind seeks freedom from monotony.

Growing up in downtown Toronto and then moving to the suburbs at a young age, I always felt like another number on a graph. I didn't feel like I had a personality or identity. This is where my

dread of monotony started, I believe. Since realizing this I did my best to make my life satisfying. I've had a number of jobs over the years that have lead me all over southern Ontario, though the GTA is my home, regardless of how long my absence.

I even once had a job where I worked with exotic reptiles. It was an incredible experience! Near the end of my time there, I had developed such close bonds with the animals I worked with that it lead me to begin independently researching stress physiology and neurology. I'm doing so in an attempt to learn more about how to ensure that they are treated with the best possible care while in captivity. An average day there wouldn't be average without handling a caiman or anaconda (playing, feeding, spending time with while basking under warm lights, etc.). But, alas, all dreams end as the dreamer awakens, and my time there ended.

Life is cycle of going to sleep and awakening as a slightly different person. We do this on a strict schedule until we die, which may seem grim to some, but to me it makes sense. What's important is not to focus on what you are given, but how you can use it to your advantage.

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