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Inner Expanses

 A Fantastic Read from Start to Finish

For those in a hurry, wonderful story worth every penny, READ IT!

Now then,

Hey there! If your looking for a well placed, dark take of battle with riddles, magic, great and creative world building with some laughs along the way, then you have found it!

Rahaman tells a brilliant tale here that grabs your attention and refuses to release. A wonderful back and forth that has subtle connection. Funny jabs with dark humor, serious moments, life lessons, occult characters beyond surface level.

It’s a read you’ll just love.

-Luis H.

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 Interesting and Engaging, Well Worth the Read

Inner Expanse is an interesting and engaging look into two worlds. One is the world of a man named Jim Lobe a in the throes of midlife crisis who could tetter either way and fall over the edge into oblivion or find a new path and make something worthwhile out his life. This character starts out as totally unsympathetic character who at times I literally want to yell at. Yet as the story develops he goes through a metamorphosis after exposing some of the most loathsome of humanity.This character was written so well I had no problem in visualizing him and the world he inhabited which was in some ways much like our modern day world.

The second world was inhabited by what I originally thought of as monsters but in fact they were just other beings also looking for a better way of life from what starts out as one of brutal viciousness . Their variety and personalities were captivating in fact they emulated so many human characteristics on occasion I forgot their physical forms. The quest is not unlike Jim's in that they must overcome what seems like insurmountable odds, in a world where brute force and magic collide. The heroes of this story form an unlikely alliance laced with animosity, curiosity and wit. Their combined abilities shake the very foundation of the world they inhabit and after significant sacrifice they are able to turn their world into a community.

In all fairness to the writer this is not a genre I would normally read but it engages the mind and holds your imagination. It unravels the challenges of characters facing an existential crises.

-W. Bayne

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Absolutely Outstanding Work!

I'm in tears as I write this. The author's voice in this piece of art is amazing, and I was brought on a journey of emotion the entire time. I was so invested in these characters and worlds, I wanted them to come through. The world building and descriptions were able to paint a perfect picture in my mind.

All in all, 5 stars. Wonderful designs, likable characters, emotional arcs, and hate-able antagonists.

-Des M. Astor

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A Different and Exciting Mix of

Fantasy & Horror

It could be said that Inner Expanses tells two stories - one from the point of view of Jim, a normal man, and that reads much like a horror movie; and one from the point of view of different creatures from different dimensions, and that has the feel of a fantasy RPG. Despite such differences, both stories work well together, tying into each other and becoming one single and coherent narrative.

The characters are sympathetic, the creatures described are widely different from each other, the battles are well-thought-out and never the same, keeping the narrative exciting and fresh.

-Kai Barcellos

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