Cyan Skies


Venture through the boundless skies where leviathans make their home. An open world lies before those who are on a quest for knowledge and adventure!

Plague from the Sea


In the midst of a pandemic, a young woman fights back against the vile fiends invading her hometown!

Schan's Odyssey

Schan's Odyssey Cover.jpg

Pilgrim of the Planes


Take a jaunt through another dimension. Insight into strange happenings may occur upon your travels. Magic and mystery awaits in this short story.

Burning Blood

Burning Blood cover v2 (4).jpg

Follows the tale of a soldier who was executed wrongly. This non-linear story tells of deeds leading up to a betrayal and the revenge wrought afterwards. Resurrection and redemption await!

A bold adventurer travels to a deadly volcanic island in search of the demon who stole part of his soul. A bizarre and exciting tale for those bored of conventional stories.