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The birth of mancafar


The Birth of Mancafar is a cosmic horror tale that follows the perspective of the eponymous fiend: ever-hungry Mancafar. Most stories in this genre show you things from the human perspective, but this one is different. Within, you'll read of how a cosmic horror comes to be; where it starts and how it becomes something that fuels nightmares.

Pilgrim of the Planes


Take a relaxing jaunt through another dimension. Insight into strange happenings may occur upon your travels. Magic and mystery awaits in this easy-going short story.

Plague from the Sea


In the midst of a pandemic, a young woman fights back against the vile fiends invading her hometown!

Burning Blood

Burning Blood cover v2 (4).jpg

Follows the tale of a soldier who was executed wrongly. This non-linear story tells of deeds leading up to a betrayal and the revenge wrought afterwards. Resurrection and redemption await!

Schan's Odyssey

Schan's Odyssey Cover.jpg

A bold adventurer travels to a deadly volcanic island in search of the demon who stole part of his soul. A bizarre and exciting tale for those bored of conventional stories.

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