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No one weeps for a window
Or mourns morning mist
Fog gets no farewell
Air gets spared no thoughts

No one cries for the rain
Or sobs for the snow
Ice is alone
Eyes even more so

To see through is to see past
Empty empathy
A sorry sight often passed
Silent sympathy

you are dying in my arms.jpg
Image by Felix Mittermeier


Singing winds
Chant and blow
Encouraging lightning
To leap to and fro

Dancing sparks
Arc across the sky
Through clouds
They jump and fly

Storm song and dance
Sky rhythm and melody
Parading through the heavens
Energetic entwined intensity 


Tall pines
Raining needles
Soft loam
This emerald carpet
Leads to
A sapphire lake

My sister's forest
My brother's lake
Places of peace
Where I wish
I could walk
And swim

I feel not
The forest
But I smell the pines
I feel not
The lake
But I taste the waves

Image by Saad Chaudhry


brilliant rhyme
that i just had
in my hand
now gone
in the wind
a thought
on the breeze
never to
be seen
or heard
or read
just gone
just dead

Image by Kyle Johnson

Love Me, My Dark Sea

Her cold, icy embrace pulls me under;
White foam and black waves are her evening kiss;

Per her desire, I feel my lungs sunder;
Bite my lips fiercely she does, painful bliss;

Sinking ever-deeper into her night,
Mind, body, and soul engulfed by darkness;

Thinking becomes clearer without my sight,
Kind depths, drowning. Agony becomes less;

My corpus comes to rest on the seafloor,
Berth of smooth grains: her soft bed and my doom.

“Cry nevermore,” she says, which I adore;
Mirth of my life fading into her gloom;

She comforts me, I close my eyes at last,
“Be loved forever. The sea’s peace thou hast.”


Thoughts Like Sand

Each second
That falls into
The past
Is a memory
That may not last

A saturated mind
Can only hold so much
Like a cupped hand
With mental sand

Each golden grain
Each shining second
A treasure to keep
When all else turns to ash
Without memories, one will weep 

Image by Aron Visuals
Image by Ferhat Deniz Fors

This Crawled Out of Me

Yellow-bellied craven,
digging the worm out
of the guts of a raven

And devoured it,
the same worm,
and savoured its throaty squirm

Infested soul
Never whole
Hungry hole
Void toll,
taken and left,
an empty bowl

One full of nothing except empty desire 

Soul of the Sea

I am not unlike the waves.
One moment high,
One moment low,
Threatening undertow.

I am not unlike the sea.
One day stormy,
One day calm,
To pass by every qualm.

I am not unlike the depths.
One year unseen,
One year explored,
A danger to those who fall overboard.

Image by Joseph Barrientos
Image by Meriç Dağlı

The Gate Beyond Realms

The key is your Will and Dreams your guide, 
Wordly qualms be still when Fear has died, 
Close your eyes and open your mind, 
Through the gate beyond realms you’ll find… 

Far, far away, none can say 
Whether it is night or day, 
When all stars are out and shine bright; 
Brighter than the sun in mid-flight, 
But the sky is rough and dark, 
Like skin of an Ironbark, 
And sings like a celestial lark, 
Comets swing by, with fins like a shark, 
Your eyes ablaze with wondrous sights, 
Bizarre and beautiful void heights, 
Rippling clouds then whip you away, 
To another new space and day… 

Deep, deep under, none can say 
Whether it’s white, black, or gray, 
Eyes shut tight from liquid pressure, 
Tense body flows at current’s leisure, 
The sounds of great beasts all around, 
Powerful depths truly unbound, 
The abyss clutches at the nearly drowned, 
While a distant leviathan is crowned, 
Your ears are flooded with mighty knells; 
Dying songs of foes like mourning bells, 
Twisting waves then pull you away, 
To a different sea and bay… 

In, in within, none can say 
Whether one should go or stay, 
In this sea of blood churning inside, 
Astride bones beneath a pink-gray hide, 
Hideous Fear lays waste to a great heart, 
They drink deep and taste of its softest part, 
Hope then descends to cast a scared art, 
Banishing the Fear and healing the heart, 
Your soul is filled with peaceful feelings,
Inner journey clear with its meanings,
Graceful wings then lift you away, 
Back to your world, your earthly way… 

Back from beyond, the gate closes behind, 
Now, to open your eyes and close you mind, 
Fear has died, though their time they bide, 
Keep Will, Dreams, and Hope close— 
—for true power resides inside. 


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