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March 12, 2021

Happy weekend, readers.


Newest developments on Rahaman Writing:


Since beginning to edit my only published novel again, I have noticed big differences in some aspects of my writing. My style, tone, and atmosphere are the same, however, my grammar, vocabulary, word variation, and other minor (yet important) aspects have improved. This is undeniably due to having to write for a living increasing my proficiency and overall skill; which is awesome! This bodes well for the future since it means that I'm still improving and am becoming more capable of editing my own work, both fictional and non-fictional.


It's interesting to look back at where I was in regards to my writing a year ago. In the March of 2020, I had just published Inner Expanses and was beginning to build Rahaman Writing as well as planning this newsletter, The Rahaman Reader. I've learned a tremendous deal about this industry and feel more equipped than ever to push my career as an independent author to success!


I just need to remember all that I've learned this past year and use it to my advantage in true Dark Lord fashion.

The Baron of Beholders' Writing Tip #30:


Last week, I gave you all a tip about how to come up with names for your characters, cities, and mythical creatures. However, I left out some important bits, so consider this a follow-up to last week's tip!


I use biology for many of my names, though I also use other themes, as should you. Biology is one of the subjects that I know best, so it makes sense for me to rely on it, but I also use visual art, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and music to a great degree as well, despite my knowledge in these areas (except art) not being nearly as strong.


For the best names, rely on subjects that you like the most!

Name cities after chocolate desserts (the city of Éclair), characters after kinds of cacti (the bold adventurer Agave), or mythical creatures after majestic constellations (the fire-breathing seven-headed beaver with wings and lobster claws Fornax!).

In this installment for Of the Sky, Of the Sea, and Of the Stones, Athos witnesses the hunters extract the heart from the dragon skull at his advice. He then gets a lead on where to find a source of local knowledge that might allow him to find what he seeks on the frigid Kioshell island.


Chapter 3 - Of the Sea

Part 5



March 26, 2021

Good Friday, everyone.


New stuff on Rahaman Writing:


Unusual Tales for the Curious Mind should be done sometime in the late spring...or early summer.


Some things will simply be ready when they're ready. I'm close, I just need to do the last piece of art for one of the 'secret' stories and then assemble everything into one neat file.

And then edit it again. Just in case.


Out of all the stories, Open Water is the oldest. I wrote it a few years before I had even begun to work on Inner Expanses, which was in 2014. So...maybe 2012? It's hard to say since I no longer have the original file; only copies and copies of copies.

This tale of a ship on a frigid sea is the first set in my Sky, Sea, & Stones universe. I was so happy with it that I decided, years later, to begin building the world and writing new stories in it.

Not all of the stories in my collection will be in this world, but a few will be!


Though, my next book, planned for...maybe 2022, will be a full novel set in the SSS universe; one about pirates, sea monsters, and island-sized fossils borne from the chaotic and splendid high fantasy setting of Okeanós.

The Baron of Beholders' Writing Tip #31:


I love nerding-out when writing things in my books because I do so when reading stories I like. It's immensely enjoyable to delve head-first into an interesting world, however, it's important not to get carried away. Some readers may not want to know the entire evolutionary history of a particular kind of lighting-shooting stingray monster, and I need to respect that!


There are times when I notice a failing in this regard in books that I read (but still enjoyed!) that seem like they are spoon-feeding me tiny morsels of lore when I hunger for ancient legends and sinister prophecies.

Conversely, I've read books that do the opposite (which I also still enjoyed!) and dump many pages-worth of lore about a continent's rivers or fields, which, while mildly interesting, doesn't add to the enjoyment of the stories involving things like dragons with hypnotic powers and immortal elves (I'm looking at YOU, Tolkien).


The balance is hard to find, especially if you're proud of what you've come up with (which you should be!). However, a great way to begin to find it is to start simple and expand where needed.

For example, if mentioning the legend about a deity, start with an important detail, like what they were the god/goddess of (the sea, fire, death, etc.).

Then, mention something to quantify their existence, like their form, even if it's incorporeal or intangible.

Following that, introduce a non-vital detail that you think adds to the atmosphere, like attributing phenomena that surround their physical manifestations (storms, explosions, goat-summoning, etc.).

A good place to stop is after 3 things. You can also elaborate more the next time the topic comes up, there's no rush!

This time, in Of the Sky, Of the Sea, and Of the Stones, Athos travels with the hunter-warriors led by the stern Eocar. He gets a lay of the land from observations made on the trek to the house of a supposedly knowledgeable stranger who the fighters of Kioshell seem to think to trust with the dragon's heart.


Chapter 3 - Of the Sea

Part 6



April 9, 2021

Welcome to the weekend.


New happenings at Rahaman Writing:


  • Still editing Inner Expanses's 4th edition (page 186/374)

  • Planning and plotting and organizing

As I edit Inner Expanses, slowly cobble together my short story collection, and maintain my freelance writing, I realize how little time I have to do everything else. I'm woefully "behind" on my reading list (despite there being no deadlines for this) and have been majorly slacking when it comes to social media marketing and advertising. However, there's a time and place for everything, and it actually doesn't make sense for me to try to do everything at once, when I think about it. Doing things in phases can maximize the potential of each step.


I need to finish editing and assembling things first, but after that will come the marketing and advertising (through social media and beyond).

My reading can be done in the evenings after work, as I've been doing, albeit sparsely and sometimes sporadically. I'm almost finished with the book I've been crawling through (though mostly in a positive manner) for the past 6 months. I like it, but I really want to read other things.


Also, I've decided to put some things on hold for a few months while I get my 2 books sorted out. The most relevant for you, dear readers, would be The Baron's Journey. It evolved from a series of 1-page flash fictions into a demonic tale that is planned to be 3 novellas...and also 3 dramatically long poems.

But more on that to come in the summer. For now, I'll be uploading the remaining parts of my journey through the Nine Circles of Hell that I have written, which should be about 2 more installments.

The Baron of Beholders' Writing Tip #32:


Don't push yourself.


Like me, many of you probably feel the need to constantly be chipping away at various projects or creative things. That's great, and objectively an awesome trait to have! However, your brain needs rest.


Try to remember that nothing bad will happen if things take a bit longer. There are no real deadlines, only goals we give ourselves, which are infinitely flexible. The next time you feel the pressure of self-imposed (yet loveable) work, remind yourself that the world moves at a more gradual pace than your mind and desires. And beyond that, the solar system moves even slower, steadier; in a cosmic rhythm. And then, further, beyond that, there is the void speckled with galaxies, where time and space cease to be separate.


Put simply, if you don't write/edit/market/whatever today, it's fine, you can do it later.

The universe won't mind, trust me.

In this installment for Of the Sky, Of the Sea, and Of the Stones, the search for a knowledgeable individual is becoming fruitful as Athos meets the clever Pyloc. The two being to chat, however, Athos is the one providing the most information, though he hopes that this will lead his new acquaintance to share some secrets about The Sea.


Chapter 3 - Of the Sea

Part 7

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