Evil Expo Online 2021


This is the first part of my set at Evil Expo Online 2021.


Forgive the angle where you get to see up my nose and tremble before my neckbeard. I recorded this on my phone while it was resting on my laptop. It was the best angle available to me on such short notice.


The first 15~ minutes is me briefly introducing what I'm going to be doing and reading "The Statement of Randolph Carter" as menacingly as I could with a tremendous amount of glare on my glasses.


The next bit is me discussing what makes the above-mentioned story by H. P. Lovecraft a successful horror story.


Following that, I begin to read from Chapter 4 of "The Worm Ouroboros" by E.R. Eddison.


The video then cuts off abruptly as my phone stopped recording because it overheated. It's a 5-year old LG G4. I left this unedited so that you can experience it as if you were there live.



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