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  • 'Plague From the Sea' Desktop Wallpaper

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  • Part 6 of SSS Series - Chaotic Hunger

  • 'From the Yawning Gulf' Poem


  • Part 7 of the SSS Series - The Fourth Source


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  • Part 1 of Chapter 2 of the SSS series - Of the Sky Part 1 - The Flying City


  • Part 2 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - The Harbour

  • Absolute Precision full short story


  • Part 3 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Great Altercation

  • The Mighty Gekkota essay


  • Part 4 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Introduction


  • Part 5 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - A Sharp Supper

  • Writing tip #1 - Always over-write action scenes


  • Part 6 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - A Post-Dinner Conversation

  • Writing tip #2 - Get someone else's opinion


  • Part 7 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - To the Library

  • Writing tip #3 - Grounded elements enhance fantasy


  • Part 8 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Seated, with Book in Hand

  • Writing tip #4 - Reinforce your writing structure


  • Part 9 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Aethereal Particles

  • Writing tip #5 - Plan and organize!


  • Part 10 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Reactive Spark

  • Writing tip #6 - Do not be afraid to go back and alter your story! 


  • Part 11 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - A Warning

  • Writing tip #7 - A gradual pace is more important than great leaps forward


  • Part 12 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - The Foul Tide

  • Writing tip #8 - Give everything a reason!


  • Part 13 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Securing the Library

  • Writing tip #9 - How to scare your readers


  • Part 14 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Settling In

  • Writing tip #10 - Change your life to change your writing


  • Part 15 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Chaos Theory

  • Writing tip #11 - Find a soundtrack to help you write


  • Part 16 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Knowledge from Eons Past

  • Writing tip #12 - Creature design basics


  • Part 17 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Calendar of the Aetherians

  • Writing tip #13 - Remind yourself of what matters


  • Part 18 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Rudely Awakened

  • Writing tip #14 - Channel your own fears into your writing for good horror fiction


  • Part 19 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series - Along the Canal

  • Writing tip #15 - Reading more will improve your knowledge about what makes and breaks a story


  • Part 20 of Chapter 2 of the SSS Series -Fleeing the City

  • Writing tip #16 - Pace your horror writing by revealing one element at a time

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"One such Spark, but a mere fraction of Order, became the source for all we know upon Okeanós. While spinning and soaring through the many violent tendrils of Chaos, this particular Spark willed for it to stop; for the madness and rushing of void mixed with explosions of light to cease. So it forced the chaotic clouds around itself to shift into a pattern. It gave reason and rhythm to the matter and energy, previously untamed, until the void and light coarsed together, in harmony, at the weaving will of this Spark. Near the bottom of the page sharing this information, it is mentioned that there was a ‘God’ who had succumbed to a Chaos-stricken madness following the learning of these details. How they transferred the information, and what became of them, is not mentioned until the reference section, which I shall get to a bit later, as they warrant explanation as well..."